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Good Deed Education Fund

Good Deed Education Fund is a philanthropy fund founded by the new generation of Estonian entrepreneurs. The fund is looking to support initiatives that solve acute problems in the education sector. The main issues the Education Fund addresses are:

● the quality of school management

● decreasing the lack of teachers
● learning how to learn

Good Deed Education Fund is looking for initiatives that address these problems in a measurable way. Through the initiatives we will be looking for ways to increase the quality of education together with leaders from different sectors - public, private, third sector. 


Good Deed Education Fund is looking for initiatives that have the potential to influence the current Estonian education system in a good way. If your initiative is scalable and/or innovative; is based on scientific knowledge; and has an approach for financial sustainability, then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact fund manager Kadri Väljaste:

What happens next?

We consider each initiative based on the set criteria but there is no unified process. We work with other partners from all sectors and include experts. It can take 4-6 months and several meetings to receive a positive funding decision.

Good Deed Education Fund is also offering non-financial support to help strengthen the organization in the following dimensions: social impact and organisational resilience, including communication, legal matters and fundraising capacity. 


ASÕP: substitute teachers

The substitute teachers program (ASÕP) provides a system and network of substitute teachers to schools for finding substitute teachers promptly, without hassle and stress. On average an Estonian school with 500 students needs 200 substitute lessons per month. School leaders don't have an easy or high-quality solution, yet it should be a first-level service. Good Deed Education Fund is supporting the development of a web-based system to help ASÕP in growing to replace at least 2500 lessons per month in 2021.

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Teach for Estonia

Teach for Estonia (Noored Kooli) envisions a future where every child in Estonia will get a very good education. The participants of its two-year development program work as school teachers and become systemic leaders in the area of education. With the support by the Good Deed Education Fund, Noored Kooli increases its number of participants by 10 people per year, doubling it up to 50 by 2021.

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Internship Program for Educational Leaders

Internship Program for Educational Leaders connects school leaders with private companies. The length of the program is five months – the three-month full-time internship at an innovative company is followed by implementing the new skills and knowledge back at school where the leaders continue being mentored. Good Deed Education Fund supports piloting the program in Spring 2020.

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To predict and prevent dropouts at high school level in a maintainable way, think tank Praxis offers a two-part solution „Häirekell“ that combines real time big data analysis with latest knowledge of behavioural economics. While today each year up to 3,000 students either drop out of education or are forced into repetition, the goal of the Education Fund and Praxis is to significally lower it by 2025.

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99math makes math learning exciting for kids and aims to advance students' progress. Teachers use 99math in classrooms to practice math exercises with students, also they get instant feedback to understand what needs focus. Good Deed Education Fund has acquired a small share of 99math.

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HK Unicorn Squad

HK Unicorn Squad is a movement, providing knowledge and skills in technology only for girls. Our vision is to develop a true interest in technology, robotics and science among girls aged 7-14.
Good Deed Education Fund is supporting further development of the program.

Kuva rohkem Kuva vähem is a digital product development programme for high school students that aims to provide crucial technological knowledge and skills for the future, evolve creativity thinking and learn teamwork. The three-year IT education curriculum aims to grow from year to year so that the significant part of the new generation could have digital literacy that enables to create user-centred solutions in whatever field necessary.

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Jõhvi Technology School

Jõhvi school is a great example of public-private partnership with a budget of 2.5 million Euros. The curriculum is based on international 01Edu self-studying system, two years of intense study where 200 students learn on their own pace. The teaching emphasizes team work and developing problem-solving skills. Subjects include databases, networks, software applications and interfaces and UX design.

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Tagasi Kooli

Tagasi Kooli (Back to School) e-learning tours help to raise students’ self-awareness and identify their skills to make knowledgeable career decisions.

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Mobile learning games with the emphasis on different languages and cultures of the world. Education Fund supports content in Estonian.

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Tagasi Kooli video project

The aim of the video project was to support both teachers and students in adjusting with distant learning by creating high-quality e-lectures available to all students. 

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Hiring School Leaders

Offering support to local municipalities in the recruitment process of school leaders. Connecting local municipalities with professional recruitment partners enables to build up a well-defined hiring process that brings stronger candidates into schools.

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Educational Leaders´ Career and Competency Model

The competence and career model for educational leaders describes which paths a principal can take in the Estonian education system and which competencies are needed in this job. The model supports recruitment, leadership development and career planning.

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Research on Teachers

The Center for Applied Anthropology and Statistics Estonia conducted studies with the aim of understanding different paths to becoming a teacher and finding out the main challenges related to the acquisition of teacher education and profession.

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Praktikal is an innovative ecosystem for teaching natural sciences that makes studying topical and teaching fun. Praktikal equips teachers with teaching materials, experiment kits and instructions. 

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Arengusammud is helping schools improve teaching and learning through instructional coaching. 

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Noored Kooli

SA Noored Kooli (Teach for Estonia) launched a new study circle program during which teachers learn to improve their students' learning skills. The aim of the 2022/2023 academic year is to pilot the program in 5 schools.

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Edumus School

Edumus School offers high school students exciting and practical online elective courses taught by professionals in their field.

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Founding members

The Good Deed Education Fund was founded by Taavet Hinrikus, Martin Villig, Wise and Bolt.
Alari Aho
Priit Alamäe
Riivo Anton

Viljar Arakas
Ahti Heinla
Martin and Terje Henk
Taavet Hinrikus
Monica and Ott Kaukver

Gerri Kodres
Kaarel Kotkas
Oliver Leisalu
Alvar Lumberg
Märt Lume
Anastassia and Alar Mäerand
Martin Mägar
Meelis Niinepuu
Veljo and Piret Otsason
Kairi Pauskar
Andrus Purde
Andres Rätsepp
Tõnu Runnel
Ragnar Sass
Riho Taba
Martin and Helen Tajur

Annika Tallinn
Hannes Tamjärv

Kaisa and Taavi Tamkivi
Kalev Tanner
Sten Tikk
Priit and Kärtu Vaikmaa
Markus Villig
Mari-Liis and Martin Villig
Taavet + Sten

Good Deed Education Fund is run by Good Deed Foundation that has a long term experience in launching and developing impactful societal initiatives.

To find out more please write to Pirkko:

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