Education Fund

Good Deed Education Fund is a philanthropy fund founded by the new generation of Estonian entrepreneurs. Education Fund will support initiatives that solve acute problems in the education sector. The main issues the Education Fund addresses are:

● The lack of appeal of the profession of teaching as the average age of teachers is constantly increasing. 

● Quality of school leadership (recruitment, leadership, culture and goal setting; empowering parents board).

● The youth drop-out rate after the mandatory level (9 years); not graduating from the next education level. 

● The low levels of STEAM skills acquired from school. 

We are looking for initiatives that solve these problems in a measurable way. Through the initiatives we will be looking for ways to increase the quality of education together with leaders from different sectors - public, private, third sector. 

FUND SIZE 1 000 000 €


The Education Fund is looking for initiatives that will disrupt the educational system in a positive way and help to take it to a new level. We are looking for teams who contribute to solving our target issues in the Estonian education system through ideas that:

● are innovative and have not been tested widely;

● are scalable;

● measure their results and/or impact;
● have a strong team;

● have a plan for sustainable financing model;

Good Deed Foundation runs the Education Fund and consults initiatives interested in applying to the Fund. Successful candidates will go through several steps. To find out more please write to

Founding members

The Good Deed Education Fund was founded by Taavet Hinrikus, Martin Villig, TransferWise and Bolt.
Alari Aho
Riivo Anton
Viljar Arakas
Ahti Heinla
Martin ja Terje Henk
Taavet Hinrikus
Gerri Kodres
Norris Koppel
Kristo Käärmann
Rain Lõhmus
Piret ja Veljo Otsason
Jaan Pillesaar
Martin Rand
Risto Rossar
Tõnu Runnel
Ragnar Sass
Helen ja Martin Tajur
Annika Tallinn
Dina ja Hannes Tamjärv
Ede ja Sten Tamkivi
Kalev Tanner
Sten Tikk
Priit Vaikmaa
Peep Vain
Kaido Veske
Mari-Liis ja Martin Villig

Good Deed Education Fund is run by Good Deed Foundation that has a long term experience in launching and developing impactful societal initatives.

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